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Who is Robbie Lawler and what is MMA Training

Robbie Lawler in the ringRobbie Lawler is an American UFC Fighter who competes Welterweight division. He grew up doing mixed martial arts starting at age 9. By 2001, Robbie Lawler was competing professionally in the UFC.

Robbie Lawler is a tough fighter and trains even harder. His coach says he is one of those guys who just doesn’t stop. He pushes through even the most gruelling MMA training.

Robbie’s UFC results speak worlds about how hard he trains. He has had nineteen wins by knockout and one by surrender. Outside the UFC, Robbie Lawler wins against some of the toughest fighters including Falaniko Vitale and Scott Smith. Robbie is undoubtedly one of the world’s best welterweight fighters. He is a consistent winner and continues to improve.

How Does Robbie Lawler Get Fit with MMA Training

Robbie Lawler does a range of MMA training moves during his workouts. He practises grapples, strikes, jiu-jitsu, strength and flexibility, on top of plyometrics training. This kind of MMA training has lead him to peak fitness and being one of the top fighters in his league. Robbie does hours of mixed martial arts training every day, along with weight training to increase his size, and tough cardio combinations that would make most men cringe. To be at the top of the UFC profession requires dedication to hard work, and trust in his trainer. Most of his days are spent in the gym in between fights.

What is Rushfit And How MMA Training Kicks Butt

Rushfit is a home workout. It is based on mixed martial arts training and was designed and produced by George St Pierre, and ex UFC and MMA fighter. George St Pierre, or GSP as he is known, spent months working with his trainer Erik Owings to put together the best MMA training workout on the market. It was designed to cater for beginners through to advanced fitness levels and includes nutritional information. The end result is Rushfit George St-Pierre 8 Week Ultimate Home Training Program. The GSP Rushfit Workout videos if followed, offer incredible physical results. You can expect an increase in overall fitness, a more toned body and a quite often weight loss as well as inches lost off your body. MMA training focuses on strength, cardio, flexibility and fighting moves. No part of the body is missed, resulting in all over physical toning. Fighters like Robbie Lawler train in this style but a thousand times harder. Ex martial artists have used GSP Rushfit to get back into competition, and every day people have used it to significantly improve their health. Keen to find out more? Take a look at our full on Rushfit review or find out what Rushfit results you can expect.

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