Best MMA Training Program, George St Pierre Rushfit Workout

Have you ever looked at your reflection in the mirror and not liked what you saw? I am not talking just your physique, but your thoughts about yourself, your stance, your attitude. If you are tired of not feeling like the person you want to be, then maybe it is time to shake things up.

I’ve seen it before in people. You are constantly agonizing over the look your body. It just isn’t what you want. You have that slump about you, the one that arrived when you lost just a little of your self esteem. You know, that moment when you stopped working out and started letting yourself go.

Tell me, how would you feel if you were bigger, fitter, stronger and tougher? Would your confidence soar? Would you walk down the street with your head held high, looking people straight in the eyes? Would you look in the mirror and feel proud of yourself? Would you feel more attractive to your partner? Take a second to think about how your whole world would change.

It can be hard to motivate yourself to get out and go to gym, especially when you are feeling a whole lot less fit than the guy or girl next to you. What if you had someone to help toughen you up, get you fit and give you back that kick arse attitude that you know is deep inside you somewhere?

Enter Robbie Lawler and Georges St Pierre.

Who are these guys do you ask?

‘Ruthless’ Robbie Lawler and Georges St Pierre aka ‘Rush’ are two of the fittest, strongest guys in the Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) scenes. Check them out in action.

So how do these guys get so fit?

Two Words: GSP Rushfit

The George St Pierre Rushfit fitness program. Guys like Robbie Lawler and George St Pierre know how to train efficiently and effectively for outstanding fitness results. They can’t go hard in MMA fights without being super fit. Rushfit, the George St Pierre workout, has been designed by the man himself as a super effective workout. It is a whole body workout designed to help get people like you ripped super fast.

Rushfit MMA training allows you to train in the comfort of your own home. You get massively effective full body training that melts fat, increases your muscle size and helps you get shredded fast. Robbie Lawler and Georges St Pierre do powerful workouts that keep them in top shape. The GSP Rushfit DVD is like having Georges or Robbie as your personal trainer. And you can do Georges St Pierre workout in the comfort of your home – no embarrassing moments at the gym.

What are the Main Benefits of Rushfit Georges St Pierre 8 Week Ultimate Home Training Program?

A guy like George St Pierre has a huge reputation to uphold. He has put everything into creating the ultimate MMA training program. The Rushfit MMA workout is one of the top selling fitness programs available in the world today. Thousands of people are experience great results and you can too. Here is why:

George St Pierre training is super fast and insanely efficient. 45 minutes start to finish and you are DONE.

The Rushfit workout is MMA training to suit all levels of fitness. From beginners to advanced, it is designed to keep you stimulated and working hard even as you get fitter and more ripped.

GSP Rushfit crushes it with calorie burn. It is high intensity mixed with strength and conditioning. The unique blend of cardio and weight bearing in the workout means you are burning calories well after you are finished.

Rushfit builds muscle and shreds fat at the same time. It is simply the best way to get fit quick.

The GSP Rushfit DVD can be done with just a few light dumbbells. No expensive equipment and no recurring gym fees that crush your budget.

George St Pierre works out right there in front of you. It is just like having your own personal trainer.

When I initially checked out using MMA training to get fit, but I really didn’t know how to get started. But after hours of web research, I found there were a couple of good mixed martial arts training programs.

The Top Rated MMA Workouts

Obviously Rushfit isn’t the only martial arts training program on the market, so here is my rundown of the other good programs I found.

#3 Les Mills Combat

Les Mills is a huge name internationally with his workout to music programs. His workouts are massively popular among gyms worldwide.

This combat program is based around mixed martial arts and is designed to get your blood pumping. It includes 7 workouts across 5 DVDs starting with the basics and going right through to high impact interval training (HIIT).

There are some great benefits to this combat workout:

It is designed for beginners through to intermediate training. The first DVD does cover all the basic moves and combinations needed to complete the rest of the program.
This set doesn’t need any special equipment at all.
A basic nutrition guide is included

All of this sounds fabulous, but there are a few decent complaints about this workout. Firstly though my five cents. Les Mills isn’t a specialist in MMA. Bas-Rutten and George St Pierre have come from an elite fighting background. They understand the moves intrinsically and know exactly how to train and complete a full MMA workout routine. Guys like Robbie Lawler and George St Pierre are tough, and this video just isn’t.

Now for what others had to say:
It is glorified aerobics workout – hardly conjures up visions of Bas Rutten, Robbie Lawler and George St Pierre.
There was little rhythm or flow in the workouts
Not enough to make you sweat. Sweat is where it is at – sweat = a smoking hot, shredded body. I have to say, after trying it, this really isn’t the kind of workout that I felt would make much of a difference to my body.

#2 Bas-Rutten Workout

This MMA workout was designed by Sebastiaan Rutten, a retired Dutch MMA fighter skilled in many different areas. His MMA workouts kick some serious butt. Bas is a Taekwondo and Karate black belt, along with a Muay Thai kickboxer.

This MMA training program covers all round fighting, boxing and Thai boxing. It is a combination of a DVD mixed with CDs, with the DVD showing the core skills and the CDs providing the workouts. You will be exhausted at the end of the routine and really feel like you have done a workout.

Here are the positives:
Once you learn the basics on the DVD, you are set to go
The CDs can obviously be used on a portable player which has its benefits
You are learning general as well as specialized fighting skills for the routines

However there are a couple of downsides.

Firstly, you need to warm up and cool down on your own. Not so great from a beginner’s point of view. To me, this is a basic requirement of ANY workout program.
Secondly, I personally find that I learn better technique with a video as I can see and hear what I am supposed to be doing. I found it a little difficult to remember how to do the moves correctly and I kind of started getting lazy.
Thirdly, if I am going to do an MMA workout, I want to kick. Punching is fun, but kicking really helps me build better muscle structure all round. Plus pretending you are kicking someone’s butt is fun.
Finally, the workout got kind of repetitive after a short period of time.

Overall, the Bas-Rutten Workout is pretty good, but I really feel there is better.

#1 Rushfit

I really think Rushfit has all of the ingredients to the perfect MMA workout program. GSP is a great, motivating trainer and his workouts made me sweat. According to George St Pierre and the GPS Rushfit review, this workout is seriously designed to get great results. I really felt that I was getting stronger, more powerful and increasing my stamina during these workouts. There was also a good focus on core stability which is a vital component of fitness. In addition, parts of the workout also worked on my flexibility, balance and agility.
Most of the workouts included a nice long warm up (which was killer in itself), the actual workout which was 5 x 5 minute sets with a break in between each, then a cooling down period.

I also really enjoyed the fitness checks that are completed throughout the program. This allowed me to track my progress to see if I was getting fitter through the program. Rushfit also has a solid nutritional plan to help get the best results.

I really found the MMA workouts to flow smoothly, something that really lacked in the other two contenders.

So overall, there really isn’t any doubt that Rushfit is the most comprehensive MMA training program out there. The best thing of all is that GSP Rushfit can be tried risk free.

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