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Les Mills Combat MMA Training Overview


The Top Rated MMA Workouts

#3 Les Mills CombatLes Mills Body Combat Image

Les Mills is a huge name internationally with his workout to music programs. His workouts are massively popular among gyms worldwide.

This combat program is based around mixed martial arts and is designed to get your blood pumping. It includes 7 workouts across 5 DVDs starting with the basics and going right through to high impact interval training (HIIT).

There are some great benefits to this combat workout:

It is designed for beginners through to intermediate training. The first DVD does cover all the basic moves and combinations needed to complete the rest of the program.
This set doesn’t need any special equipment at all.
A basic nutrition guide is included

All of this sounds fabulous, but there are a few decent complaints about this workout. Firstly though my five cents. Les Mills isn’t a specialist in MMA. Bas-Rutten and George St Pierre have come from an elite fighting background. They understand the moves intrinsically and know exactly how to train and complete a full MMA workout routine. Guys like Robbie Lawler and George St Pierre are tough, and this video just isn’t compared to the GSP workout.

Now for what others had to say:
It is glorified aerobics workout – hardly conjures up visions of Bas Rutten, Robbie Lawler and George St Pierre.
There was little rhythm or flow in the workouts
Not enough to make you sweat. Sweat is where it is at – sweat = a smoking hot, shredded body. I have to say, after trying it, this really isn’t the kind of workout that I felt would make much of a difference to my body.