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Rushfit MMA Training Overview


The Top Rated MMA Workouts

#1 Rushfit

I really think Rushfit has all of the ingredients to the perfect MMA workout program. GSP is a great, motivating trainer and his workouts made me sweat. According to George St Pierre and the GSP Rushfit review, this workout is seriously designed to get great results. I really felt that I was getting stronger, more powerful and increasing my stamina during these workouts. There was also a good focus on core stability which is a vital component of fitness. In addition, parts of the workout also worked on my flexibility, balance and agility.
Most of the workouts included a nice long warm up (which was killer in itself), the actual workout which was 5 x 5 minute sets with a break in between each, then a cooling down period.

I also really enjoyed the fitness checks that are completed throughout the program. This allowed me to track my progress to see if I was getting fitter through the program. Rushfit also has a solid nutritional plan to help get the best results.

I really found the MMA workouts to flow smoothly, something that really lacked in the other two contenders.

So overall, there really isn’t any doubt that Rushfit is the most comprehensive MMA training program out there. The best thing of all is that GSP Rushfit can be tried risk free.

The full Rushfit review.