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Do Mixed Martial Arts Programs Work? Our Rushfit Results


Does Rushfit Really Work?

Robbie Lawler victory imageYou are probably wondering if Rushfit George St-Pierre 8 Week Ultimate Home Training Program really works. I know that sometimes fitness DVDs can be a total disappointment. Sometimes they just don’t give you the results you desire. I have to say though, that Rushfit is different.

Now I am not going to lie. Rushfit is not an easy, ‘bounce around a few times and pretend you have done a workout’, kind of program. This is the kind of MMA workout routine that the professionals use as a large part of their training. Guys like Robbie Lawler and George St Pierre don’t mess around with useless workouts when it comes to shaping up for their next fight. They train hard. These guys use a combination of Rushfit style training, a tough weight training routine and a diet that most of us just wouldn’t take on day to day. This is their career at stake.

Most regular people just want great results from a doable fitness training program. Let me assure you, follow the program, adjust your diet based on the nutritional guidelines, and you WILL get results.

What Rushfit Results Can I Expect?

Look, the program isn’t designed to bulk you up. You aren’t pulling heavy weights, so that isn’t the outcome. But if you want to get ripped and toned and see those muscles that you know are hiding under there somewhere, then this program is excellent. You will add muscle, but you won’t look like a body builder.
Here is my experience:

Improved Fitness

Whilst I would love to look like Ruthless Robbie Lawler right now, I know that just isn’t going to happen overnight. However, within a couple of weeks, I was starting to feel really good. My muscles were definitely getting more defined and everything was getting tighter and firmer. As I was tracking my fitness, I was very happy with the fact that I was seeing improvements. I was getting more reps done in a shorter time and it was getting a little easier to do the routine.

Trimming Up And Losing Weight

rushfit-17596I have lost weight since starting the workouts which is obviously a great benefit.
I had a few pounds to lose, and really had trouble shifting it. So I was stoked to get such a great result within just a few short weeks. We are all different, but with a clean diet and doing this fitness program regularly, you can certainly expect positive results. After 6 weeks I had certainly lost quite a few inches and all my clothes were nice and lose. All I did was follow the nutritional guidelines, which meant cleaning up my diet, and then working out to the schedule in the videos.

Improved Mental Attitude

One byproduct of the training that I didn’t really expect was an improvement in my mental attitude. I really have toughened up since starting the training. I am far more confident in my everyday life and seeing the physical results of my Rushfit workout routine has really given me a boost.

Exercising every day has improved the clarity of my thinking. I don’t lose focus at work so much and seem to get my jobs done far more quickly and effectively. I really am concentrating far better. I have always known that exercise can help with improving focus, but didn’t think it would have such a great effect.

Better Balance and Co-ordination

rushfit-17597In the Rushfit workout is a video focusing on balance and co-ordination. I really enjoyed this section. It was still tough, but I could see a massive improvement in my balance ability as the week’s went by. For me, it has helped improve my favorite sport – surfing. Surfing requires excellent balance and co-ordination and that has improved significantly since starting the training. Also, the strength training and upper body workout have helped me to paddle harder onto waves. Bonus.

Why Is Rushfit The Highest Rated MMA Workout?

The Rushfit results I experienced speak for themselves. Mixed martial arts training really does provide an overall body trimming and toning workout. I think the fact that Rushfit has been created by a professional MMA fighter and trainer adds to its appeal. I really trusted what these guys were providing because it is based on real MMA training. And it shows.

Rushfit is set out like a proper boxing training session and George St Pierre has taken the time to incorporate a proper warm up and cool down. Something that is really lacking in the other programs I looked at.

GSP Rushfit isn’t a glorified aerobics class, it is full on training designed to improve your overall fitness level. It encompasses all the moves I expected I would get, it teaches how to do them properly and the results are absolutely motivating. The George St Pierre workout has completely exceeded my expectations of a home exercise program.

So the question is, do you want a massive explosion in your fitness or not?

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